Build a buzzing brand community with a flexible and scalable Marketing Asset Management tool

The latest study by the IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) showed that brands can achieve high ROI when engaging on social media platforms. The effectiveness of utilising social media channels are driving brand sentiment and increasing brand loyalty. Businesses should be looking to track in real-time the level of sentiment their brand is receiving on Twitter or Facebook. The study was focused on key FMCG brands Heinz, Kettle and Twinings. Over 4,500 survey responses were collated from each brands social media channels over a 2 month period. It showed that 4 out of 5 consumers that engaged in a social media conversation with a brand were more inclined to buy from that brand and over 83% were happy to trail their products.

A flexible, scalable and easy to administer brand and asset management tool can analyse these social media conversations around the brand and build an opinionated community of brand ambassadors. Providing clear, timely and relevant content helps businesses to develop and deliver a strong brand conversation and ensure the brand messaging in consistent throughout various markets. However the ability to push out on-brand marketing material at a moment’s notice can be a roadblock. Many businesses turn to marketing technology software such as Marketing Asset Management to overcome any branding inconsistencies in social media.

Marketing Asset Management tool

CMOs, Brand Managers, Product Marketing and others all require the capability to monitor social media conversations that turn brand consumer to brand ambassadors. You are more likely to increase ROI form social media if consumers love the brand and foresee future purchases and interactions. Findings from the research outline how important social is to the marketing mix.

It’s a unique marketing communications channel where brands and consumers have a thorough and meaningful two-way conversion about their products.

Having to manage several brand assets, UI, merchandising and campaign repositories can start to become impossible in maintaining brand continuity. Branding teams and designer mangers require a one stop shop to consolidate their brand assets into a centralised Marketing Asset Management tool.