Metadata management, which sources do you rely on for your Digital Asset Management solution?

Metadata management includes key information like copyright, caption and description, keywords, creation date, location, legalities and other specially tailored information. Having this crucial information empowers your DAM users to easily navigate through the system and find the correct files and latest approved versions. They can understand the content of the brand assets through the description and how to use those assets correctly so they adhere to the brand guidelines and the rights management policy.

Metadata management is essential for a good DAM

However entering metadata doesn’t have to be that difficult. Focus on your brand guidelines, what do your users require and need to use in order to be fully and accurately on-brand and also how complicated is your industry in terms of legalities, rules and regulations, make sure that your DAM solution is tailored to fully cater to the brands requirements.

Which Metadata Standards are important for your brand?

We would welcome your input, below is a list of Digital Asset Management sources, which sources do you think are important for Metadata management?

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