Marketing technology helps businesses deliver controlled brand experiences

As a critical competent in the marketing strategy marketing technology ensures the brand experience is consistent across digital, print and other more traditional marketing channels. Whilst aiming to deliver the same brand promise across channels, we are seeing a stronger relationship being formed between Chief Marketing Officers and Marketing Operations specialists as the latter is helping the former understand the technology and data captured to make more informed and better decisions.

Marketing controlled experiences such as websites, webinars, mobile apps and the way the brand is represent on social media and search rankings is always changing. In today’s economy, the marketing plan developed in Q4, might have shifted completely by Q2 the following year.

Marketing technology is helping businesses bring an agile approach in delivering marketing controlled experiences by reviewing it within a short campaign cycle and targeting more consumers efficiently. According to the ‘Rise of the Marketer’ report, more than 80% of marketers plan on using technology to deliver personalised consumers brand experiences.

Furthermore the ‘Quantify How Well You Unify’ study found strong evidence that suggests increased marketing performances were directly related to having a plethora of marketing technology integrated in the marketing strategy.

Marketers are on the peak of the digital evolution and brands are rallying behind marketing technology to be a key component in adding value to the bottom line. The results from this study also conclude that 42% of CMOs that have marketing technologies implemented see a greater business impact.

An integrated marketing technology approach enables a 39% greater accountability of the marketing spend. Read more about The Economist report.