Marketing Automation: Empowering local markets to create engaging on-brand experiences

In today’s world, brands are expected to engage with consumers 24/7 since they are always connected and can share their brand experiences in an instant. Consumers can engage in-store, on social media channels or web forums/community pages and therefore the brand has to be represented accurately across all digital touch points. Marketing Automation is closely linked to Digital Asset management as it can help marketers collate and manage their digital assets from a single online repository. This helps to drive the reuse and consistency of approved marketing material, as local marketers know digital engagement with the brand is vital for brand awareness and reach. This has led to the evolution of marketing technologies that help facilitate stronger consumer engagement in the brand’s tone of voice consistently across numerous markets.

Marketing Automation

This technology platform can empower local markets with intuitive tools such as Artwork Automation so they can create personalised marketing materials within minutes not hours. These unique digital assets build a strong relationship with consumers and gets the consumer engaging even further. It can start to falter when any branding mistake is made visibly very clear and very quickly, thanks to the connected world we live in. One example is the brand logo mishap for Greggs on Google but the brand’s reaction on Twitter showed how real-time marketing is at the frontier of digital marketing.

Many global businesses want to have all markets operating effectively and communicating on brand consistently. Marketing Automation guarantees the consumer’s offline and online experiences are in keeping with the brands value and mission. The growing demand in marketing technology allows brands to automate their marketing across different channels and execution local campaigns efficiently.