Marketing Asset Management case study: How to strengthen a brand in the healthcare industry

Allegiance Health has been providing quality healthcare in Michigan since 1918. They needed to communicate and reinforce their high quality of care across all their medical facilities. Furthermore they wanted to ensure that the brand was applied consistently using a Marketing Asset Management solution. Read our Marketing Asset Management case study on how our solution, the Brand Centre®, does more than keep all branded assets in a shared folder; it is a knowledge-based brand management system that acts as a central repository for all the marketing asset and staff use this forum to share best practices and brand knowledge.

This allowed Allegiance Health to promote their brand identity across their entire health system effectively. The system is designed for simple upload, edit and image manipulation processes. To promote ease-of-use and rapid uptake, the implementation of the Brand Centre solution at Allegiance Health was configured to be exactly aligned with the brand’s look and feel.

Marketing Asset Management case study

The MAM solution is completely self-managed by Allegiance Health and allows the team to deploy marketing assets knowing they comply with the latest brand guidelines. The flexible image library accommodates thousands of media assets and provides a one-stop shop for all brand assets. Read our Marketing Asset Management case study and find out how Allegiance Health maintains brand consistency and strengthens their brand in a competitive industry.