Effectively managing digital assets to produce accurate on-brand marketing collateral

Brand managers and Marketing professionals want a holistic approach when managing and auditing their digital assets within local markets and ensure correct brand messaging to a global audience. With a functional and dynamic Digital Asset Management system, marketers can add value to the marketing collateral they create. With the power of technology, marketers are no longer constricted in how creative their campaigns can be, but rather how can they create a consistent brand experience across markets and channels.

Businesses are sharing and managing their digital assets by leveraging brand management systems that generate ROI and maximise the bottom line. We've outlined three steps which puts digital asset management at the forefront for generating brand value.

Effective Digital Asset Management

  • Availability – Inefficiencies occur when people cannot find the latest approved version of an asset when urgently needed to create marketing collateral. Incorporating powerful search functions ensure which ever device and whichever location users are accessing the Brand Centre®, they have a quick and easy access to marketing collateral at all times.
  • Adaption – Allowing teams to repurpose digital assets into different media types for various local markets, ensures that the brand is adaptable and flexible enough to react to any trends. Local marketing teams need dynamic functionalities to download digital assets in any format and share the asset with the correct usage rights to administer brand compliance.
  • Automation – One scenario that is common across several vertical industries is when a publication has a great opportunity to run an ad, but they need the artwork in a few hours. This would have meant gathering the assets, ensuring they are approved for use in that specific market and more importantly, ensuring it meets legal guidelines as well. This process normally requires a few days but allowing users to resize assets and change certain elements themselves, cuts the process down to just a few hours. Once the new files are generated, they are automatically sent to anyone who needs to approve the asset, such as brand or legal, to ensure the collateral meets brand guidelines.