MAM system case study: Implementing brand consistency for Middle East’s largest telecom

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) provide landline, mobile and internet services across the Middle East and have moved beyond their domestic borders with a strong presence in a number of countries such as India, South Africa and Bahrain. With a global network of consumers and over 20,000 employees, they required MAM system that could support their agencies and other stakeholders in maintaining brand consistency. They needed to make sure that in delivering their three broad service categories across various cultures, the integrity of the brand did not diminish.

Read our MAM system case study that showcases the flexibility of our Brand Centre® solution for the STC brand across internal markets and help them achieve their business goals. They wanted be elastic and progressive, drive customer centricity and deliver great brand experience.

The Marketing Asset Management (MAM) system hosts thousands of different brand assets and allows users to analyse marketing communication collateral such as brand logos, imagery or sponsorship material. As part of their large scale brand refresh project, the STC brand portal helps to:

  • Create an accessible library of brand materials
  • Protect master brand assets and distribute them securely
  • Deliver detailed reporting on brand material usage
  • Create greater brand inspiration for marketing partners
  • Achieve complete brand consistency across all business units and markets

The brand portal is translatable, so for Arabic users the site is intuitive, user-friendly and easy to understand. It delivered against time, speed and accuracy factors that are important for STC. Read our case studies and find out how you can generate significant usage of the brand refresh assets and efficiency savings for the brand.