Which brands are ahead of the curve and meet consumer’s definition of a "luxury brand?"

NetBase identified companies that mostly utilised social media to implement engaging brand experiences. In-depth analysis of more than 95 million social data points enabled NetBase to thoroughly evaluate brands which provide a luxury brand experience. Uncovering consumer sentiment also played a key part in determining ranking for brands across different verticals.

If a brand is ‘liked’ or ‘shared’, it can aid branding professionals in understanding the emotive action behind that engagement. Overall the No.1 spot was taken by Louis Vuitton, followed closely by Apple, who had a +194% change in their social mentions. The conglomerate LVMH and Mercedes saw decreases in their rankings. One of the most instantly recognisable luxury brands, Mulberry, fell off the top 15 global luxury brands list.

These results are based on a two-year study on brand conversations across review sites, blogs, forums etc. The NetBase Brand Passion chart examined consumer passion and trends to determine which brands were ‘hot’ and whether people perceived them as a luxury brand. It also characterised the change in consumer perception of what a luxury brand is. Conclusions indicate that 20% of luxury sales are created by word-of-mouth.

Click here for the full NetBase Brand Passion 2015 report.