Organise your brand assets with a intuitive and dynamic Brand Asset Management solution

Organisations invest in their brand assets, these are highly valuable, much time, effort and resources are put into creating these assets which reflect the value of the brand therefore it’s vital to ensure that all assets are accurately represented. This is achieved by storing the brand assets in an organised and easily accessible manner across all operational divisions. Having implemented intuitive Brand Asset Management solutions for brands such as Cirque du Soleil, Ford and Jack Daniel’s, we present some scenarios and insight where a Brand Centre® solution can ensure that the brand assets are fully utilised and a high ROI is achieved.

  • The Brand colours: One of the most visual representatives of a brand are the brand colours. It weaves into all forms of collateral and having it buried within an outdate brand deck or PDF is not efficient. Generating an accessible path to your company’s fonts and colours is important, as people will notice a difference if material starts to slightly skew away from the official brand colours
  • Efficient workflows: An email arrives to those in ownership of the brand assets asking “where can I find such and such…” or “can you send me our logo in RGB colours?” or “where can I find a 300dpi resolution of this image?”. While these requests are fairly simple to react to, the workflow efficiency and delay in productivity can be avoided with a user-friendly BAM solution
  • Avoid endless attachments: Having an email thread and multiple links of brand assets can get users lost and increase the chance of an inconsistent brand message. A functional BAM solution ensures that the latest and up-to-date assets are stored in a single depository and easily accessible to share on the go
  • Monitor and track usage: Big Data doesn’t only apply to your products, service, website stats etc. Having data attached to your brand assets; what they are used for, when and how often, can offer valuable insight into your brand activities
  • Visual search over folder hierarchy: Introduce your brand assets with a visual thumbnail instead of a dry and dull folder structure. This allows users to check if that is indeed the asset required before downloading an incorrect file and not relying on naming conventions that are used across different operational divisions

Avoid wasting valuable resources, time and money by not offering your employees, agencies and other partners an accessible way to access your brand assets. A Brand Asset Management solution is vital to building and developing a strong brand in today’s fast-paced, global society.