Support the unique needs of different cultural markets with innovative Marketing Asset Management solutions

Dynamic Marketing Asset Management solutions allow marketing teams to co-create accurately approved content more efficiently than before. Enabling a resourceful marketing technology platform that ticks the unique requirements from several markets is critical to maintaining brand consistency. Marketing assets such as the latest seasonal campaign images or videos showcasing new brand livery can enable local partners, dealerships, agencies to work together within an online collaborative community to reduce any campaign imperfections.

What we’ve learned along the way

Businesses can utilise innovative marketing technology tools that can empower local marketing teams in creating relevant localised content. As more and more content is being created, it can be become increasingly difficult to locate the latest approved assets that make up a specific marketing campaign. People have moved beyond traditional file and folder structures to accommodate the need to locate, manage and share assets anytime, anywhere. Marketing Asset Management solutions unite brand assets with their specific usage rights and allow marketers to run global campaigns efficiently. Knowing which assets are available for any given territory, helps avoid any digital and standard rights violation.

MAM solutions allow marketers to:

  • Access brand assets anytime, anywhere as it is browser-based
  • Manage user rights and permission level
  • Support local teams with tools that can handle multiple languages
  • Enforce accurate digital rights management
  • Customise marketing collateral on the fly to support unique needs of the market

MAM solutions need to be flexible in size and structure to mirror the client’s visual brand identity and behaviour. This helps local marketing professionals to easily adopt the system as it feels like a natural extension of the business.