How to manage Brand Assets effectively. What are the Five C’s of Brand Asset Management?

Marketing departments aim to implement a smooth collaboration between themselves, their agencies and creative partners. Some organisations have a strong brand culture very much as diverse as their brand assets. There is the potential that users will unknowingly use brand assets without the correct usage rights. This is a problem that can easily be resolved, although it’s not always about the solution. Brands need to have a responsive support system to combat any queries and meet users’ requests effectively.

Most professionals know of the Four P’s of the Marketing Mix : Place, Product, Price, and Promotion. We have pinpointed the Five C’s. Five common principles of Brand Asset Management that brands can aim to focus on within their Brand Asset Management solution in order to further enhance brand value.

Five C's of Brand Asset Management:

  • Credibility - If your ads and marketing material are not of high quality, how do your consumers know that the product or service will be? Lack of consistency can weaken the brand.
  • Control - Whether managing multiple brands or a single global brand, control is vital. Setting permission levels on specific brand assets will help enforce and align the brand guidelines throughout the workflow.
  • Collaboration - Establish an approval and collaboration process where marketing activities are signed off by assigned approvers. Encourage teams to responsibly manage brand assets and widen the communications net, share brand knowledge easily and different divisions working together to create engaging campaigns.
  • Cost - With tighter control and budgetary restraints on marketing spend, brands should always make sure that the Brand Asset Management solution that they are evaluating has a proven return on investment and can generate real growth of brand value.
  • Compliance - Brand Guardians should have the final say in how the brand assets are leveraged and represented. As the Brand Asset Management solution ingests more brand assets, it expands and therefore more people need to be aware of usage permissions and comply with the brand guidelines.

The Five C’s of Brand Asset Management are common principles that we have built up in our many years of implementing Brand Asset Management solutions for global brands.

Our Brand Centre® solution acts as a centralised platform for brand assets enabling users to view, download, repurpose, approve and easily manage all assets. High resolution files can be shared with agencies with a secure email link or on social networks. The Brand Centre connects internal marketing departments, creative partners and agencies to one fully up-to-date centralised repository that ensures global brand consistency.