How Digital Asset Management software enhances brand culture

How the brand is represented and the understanding of a brand and its culture is echoed through its brand assets. Encompassing a consistent and correct representation of the brand with a vibrant image library is just one of the core functions that Digital Asset Management software will bring to set the brand apart from its competitors. Intangibles such as your brand culture are highly valuable and an important factor when building and growing a brand. It is the core foundation of the business’s credibility. Your brand assets are a tangible extension of your brand and losing control of them can severely impact your brand representation and weaken the brand culture.

Have you ever thought what will happen to your brand credibility if all the brand assets were to disappear?

Below we look at a few Digital Asset Management software functions where brand assets can elevate the brand message and drive the business further towards fostering an engaging brand culture.

Image library

The key buzzword here is ‘centralisation’. Ensure that your brand assets are getting a consistent ROI by making them easily accessible and shareable rather than living on multiple people’s hard drives or on various in-house servers, only accessible to that person or that department.


Ensure you have the capabilities to convert a master brand asset into various formats such as .TIFF, .EPS or .PNG. Always ensure that all brand assets can be utilised in a whole variety of media channels.


Shorten the user’s learning curve through collaborative tools that help communicate the ingestion and adaption of brand assets. Avoid ending up with conflicting asset versions that are stored in different hard drives.


Statistics such as view counts and user registration will be key to understanding how successful Digital Asset Management software has been and the ROI it has produced.


The end goal is to have a steady consistent increase of user adoption. This boils down to ensuring that the business divisions are fully committed to the DAM system understand the benefits and ROI it generates for the brand and all its stakeholders.

Over the past decade we have enabled some highly innovative brands to share their brand culture and brand story through their brand assets. As the brand grows, the more vital a Digital Asset Management software solution becomes in managing those assets effectively and enriching the brand culture.