Businesses with a strong portfolio of brands can leverage a DAM tool to gain global prominence

Marketing departments are often easy targets for cost-cutting procedures but in this world of digital communications, businesses are changing direction to look at ways to increase marketing investment that can drive global brand awareness and sustainable growth in more sensitive and heavily regulated markets. Delivering high engagement levels of brand awareness is a major challenge for businesses but by increasing investments in a Digital Asset Management (DAM) tool, brands can achieve this. Investments in a cloud-based DAM tool grew at an estimated 14% from 2012 to 2014 and it continues to do so every year. More and more businesses are using in-house resources to create marketing content, therefore optimising more than one silo to house their brand assets.

Implementing a Digital Asset Management tool empowers key stakeholders to collate, manage, distribute and automate any brand asset type from a central source to any point of use within minutes. A DAM solution solves several business challenges such as:

  • Brand consistency
  • Brand asset accessibility
  • Shortens lead time between creation of artwork and approval
  • Simplifies and protects brands that operate in highly compliant and regulated industries
  • Enforces and strengthens brand culture and understanding
  • Easily spreads the brand and brand knowledge both internally and externally

Businesses create graphics daily, purchase stock imagery and maintain core brand elements but in essentially managing all these assets, how do they house them? A global brand operating in several markets generates numerous brand assets and often in multiple languages. With this increasing number of brand assets being created finding the right DAM tool can be daunting.

A DAM tool is only as good as its implementation since it requires a full buy-in from all levels of the business in order to become successful. A centralised Digital Asset Management tool has the capability to drastically improve the ROI of all marketing efforts.