3 components of your marketing strategy that a DAM solution can support

Recent advances within marketing technology have granted businesses the opportunity to maximise efficiency across various brand touch points. One of the key components of building a brand is ensuring brand consistency. A brand utilising a DAM solution enables its CMO and Brand Manager to generate an ROI on marketing activities as well as providing a solid strong platform to grow the brand community.

A DAM solution can enable businesses to excel in 3 core areas:

Brand & Marketing operations Traditional approaches to storing marketing collateral often entail organising digital assets across different media server silos and sending out the most up-to-date version if/when requested. This is a very inefficient and ineffective way to encourage best practice, ensure correct brand representation and share materials between markets.

A DAM solution overcomes these obstacles and many more by providing a forum for employees, agencies and other partners to share, monitor and gather brand material. With all material accessible in one centralised location, businesses will benefit from encouraging the repurpose of brand assets, best practices and no duplication issues, extra costs or wasting valuable resource time.

Brand consistency By implementing an Artwork Automation module, marketers can create rule-based customisation of brand materials and eliminate unnecessary production costs. The Artwork Automation module enables brands to strengthen that all-important brand identity further and guarantee consistency across all markets.

A DAM solution reduces the need to distribute brand books and corporate identity manuals or to build specific brand microsites; all brand related material can easily be accessed and shared through the DAM solution.

ROI on marketing software technologies Marketing software technologies always carry some risk as new workflows and business processes need to be established. This can impact user adoption of the software.

Implementing a DAM solution will offer different and more varied ROI indicators for brands, with all the tracking and monitoring of assets available as well as direct financial costs saved, the DAM solution will have an overall impact on the profitability of the business.