The evolving role of the Chief Marketing Officer calls for a cross-functional MAM solution

Companies can leverage a Marketing Asset Management (MAM) solution to store and manage digital assets for use across an entire organisation. They want to search and find usable assets instantaneously and use less IT space on any technological investment. There may be thousands of staff, so the different user types can vary and the level of user permissions requires powerful marketing software solution. This is essential in order to reduce time spent searching for digital assets, re-creating lost assets and to enable a greater use of current marketing collateral. The requirement for a scalable MAM solution is greater than ever. Certain features can enhance the user experience and increase user adoption:

  • Full audit ability with reporting on user activity
  • Built in players for previewing video and audio files prior to download
  • Bulk uploading of assets – e.g. ability to select multiple assets and apply metadata across all selected assets
  • Searching across various asset types
  • Searchable customisable metadata attributes that allow us to relate assets to each other
  • Approvals and workflow functionality

What it also useful is archiving files with and the ability to set rules for auto-archiving. With intuitive search functions, users can search format, project name, subject, author, region/country and campaign. Marketing teams need a greater insight and understanding on their marketing campaign performance in different markets.

Share brand and local market knowledge to build global brand consistency. Guaranteeing a user-friendly and secure MAM solution ensures legally complaint marketing content is readily available to numerous users instantly.