Communicate your brand identity with collaborative brand management tools

A brand must be easily recognised and instantly build a connection between consumers and express what the brand stands for. Making a positive first impression and memorable connection truly helps to build a global brand community.

Online brand asset management and marketing content is vital in educating users on the brand and simplifying how to use and share those assets across different markets. Launching new product lines and services requires teams to access approved assets as quickly as possible. Brand managers and marketing professionals are leveraging brand management tools to ensure the consistent curation of marketing material and brand assets. Solutions that offer comprehensive management of brand asset usage rights can enable productive workflows, which gives a greater efficiency in the method brand assets are organised and disseminated.

Collaborative brand management tools

Brand management tools play a pivotal part in reducing the time to create and distribute marketing collateral. From Artwork Automation, to Review and Approval, marketing departments can deploy an online Brand Centre® platform where users can re-purpose and localise materials for a particular language or culture and customise content to fit a distributor’s requirements.

Over the years, global businesses will build up a large media library to a point where it can become unmanageable and thousands of brand assets are scattered across shared drives, CDs, desktops and laptops. The real opportunity lies when users can utilise intelligent dynamic imaging tools to repurpose a master brand asset for various output usage such as web, printed collateral and presentations in minutes. In the Marketing world, teams have to deliver campaigns within tight deadlines and maintaining the core brand identity is crucial.