Projecting a consistent brand image is important when building strong brand integrity globally

If organisations want to implement consistent and effective branding, they need to take into account how the brand identity is currently being perceived by consumers. When a business grows, the dissemination of brand assets increases and the projection of their brand integrity comes into scrutiny. Online brand management systems enable stakeholders to work collaboratively around a core database of branded assets. With the emergence of cloud technology and enterprise technologies, companies are utilising brand asset management solutions to enable known visibility in the global market and cement their brand presence.

Building global brand integrity

Effective management of brand assets allow real-time collaboration between users to streamline the process of creative review and approval.

BAM systems help brand managers to stop any dilution of the brand and enable the efficient management of branded marketing material across several markets.

Key to this is ensuring your social media channels are on brand and are represented in the same visual identity in different markets. This is vital as consumers want to feel they get the same level of service and solutions wherever they go and consistent branding can help to communicate that message.

With the latest technological innovations in off- and on-line communication channels, brand integrity will come into question as consumers want information as quickly as possible and marketers need to adapt to this cultural change. Brand Asset Management solutions accommodate the flexibility needed by marketers to develop a mixture of streamlined process to maximise the ROI from brand assets. Each brand asset is unique and controlling who has easy, around-the-clock access generates a positive impact on your brand integrity as localised marketing material is being shared and everyone is being educated about the brand.