Authentic brand storytelling plays a crucial role in determining the future of big brands in the UK

For marketers, the conversation with consumers no longer involves brand messaging that carry a persuasive tone, but rather it’s about joining in the conversation, especially with the digital age we are living in right now. The social web is proving vital in engaging consumers instantaneously and on the go as the latest study outlines. The Brand Storytelling survey involved over 2,000 UK adults and asked them to name brands that met against 9 key storytelling elements. Businesses are seeking to create brand stories, engaging campaigns, personalised marketing efforts to fully engage with consumers. They want to ensure the brand message is in line with their tone of voice and portrays the brand’s personality and values.

An overall trend outlined was the drop in rankings for many of the UK’s top supermarket brands. Where the brand is positioned in relation to its competitors is a vital indication for a CMO.

The pressure builds to deliver brand growth and add value to the bottom line for C-level Marketing professionals. Brand Management solutions aid marketing teams to communicate the tone of voice accurately by administering approved brand assets consistently that elevate the brand message across various markets.

A key takeaway was how well the charities category performed against other strong categories such as retail and airlines. The content and brand assets created now create a two-way conversation with the consumers across numerous digital touchpoints.

View the Brand Storytelling survey and find out how brands such as Twitter, Walkers, Samsung, Ikea and others ranked against the top 10. The most effective brand storytellers are from the retail, food & drink, FMCG categories and are able to communicate their brand message accurately.