Brand Love study: Find out which brands are the most loved or hated brands in the UK

With St. Valentine’s Day still fresh in our minds, the Brand Love study was conducted in partnership with isobel and OnePoll and found fascinating results in UK consumer relationships with brands. The top ten in the Brand Love study were made up of a mixture of FMCG, retail and media brands.

The survey questioned 1,500 UK consumers, whom were asked to associate brands against a number of ‘love’ and ‘hate’ characteristics. They covered brands they would miss if they were no longer available, brands they rely on and brands that they hate. Some key findings were:

  • Londoners buck the national trend and vote Google as the capital’s most loved brand
  • BA takes top airline love honours with easyjet in 2nd – beating Virgin Atlantic in 3rd
  • Audi voted the UK’s most-loved car brand
  • Apple, which consistently tops consumer polls, disappoints in 35th place
  • Gender divide: men vote for Walkers, women for Cadbury

Amazon came out on top with almost half of the votes (48%). The next three places went to Cadbury, Walkers and Heinz, with consumers placing BBC1 in 5th place. With a general election less than three months away the UK’s political parties are under the spotlight. The isobel Brand Love survey revealed that the main political parties are amongst the most-hated brands in the UK. UKIP is the UK’s most hated brand polling almost one-third of the votes, followed by the Tories in 2nd place with 27% and Labour in 5th and the Lib Dems 6th.

Commenting on the Top 10, Paul Houlding, Managing Partner, said: “It would seem that longevity works wonders for most. All, bar two of the top 10, predate the 1960’s with top honours going to Cadbury (1824). Affection, it seems, has been hard won”.