The role technology is playing in brand identity management for global companies

When it comes to communicating your company values and beliefs, nothing is more important than your brand identity. A clear identity can help companies motivate employees, shareholders and consumers.

A corporate identity can include aspects such as logos, colour, culture, mission and values. This mixture of branding elements must be carefully managed in how it is distributed and shared amongst internal and external stakeholders. Building a strong brand ethos means that key personnel such as employees, agencies and vendors, are integral to building brand awareness. Technology is changing the way how brand teams can communicate the brand message accurately and consistently across markets. A Brand Centre® system creates a centralised hub where the correct branding elements can be easily managed to communicate the brand. The BAM system connects several brand partners and improves overall implementation of the brand identity and all brand communication materials.

Marketing technologies are helping businesses to roll out an effective brand identity to strengthen consumer recognition. Senior Marketing management can gain clear visibility into how effective their marketing communications by implementing dynamic marketing technologies. When managing a global brand identity, having a single online source where the latest brand and marketing materials can be accessed from ensures consistent branding between corporate and local markets.

Implementing a user-friendly BAM platform is pivotal to adoption as various stakeholders want information readily available at their fingertips. A Brand Asset Management system can effectively communicate the global brand identity and guarantee that all your branding elements convey the same brand message.