Brand Asset Management case study: How Brown-Forman manages its diverse global brand portfolio

Companies want to measure and grow brand value, but how do Brand Managers and Marketing professionals get a holistic overview of all their markets, especially in a heavily critiqued industry? It can be a challenge but for Brown-Forman, their technological investment in a Brand Centre® is at the centre of managing brand relationships between key stakeholders. Managing thousands of digital assets of world famous brand properties means that their marketing communications materials must be always legally compliant.

Their international brand teams at the local level can have a greater creative flexibility in creating engaging campaigns, while knowing that the content is legally and brand complaint.

Brand Asset Management case study

The uniquely tailored BAM solution is a powerful brand asset resource that manages thousands of assets and includes specially tailored web-to-print and image resizing tools.

Brown-Forman can take control over their brand assets to ensure a consistent cross-market brand experience. Read our Brand Asset Management case study and learn about the five essential lessons for today’s brand managers.