How to adapt a global business in local markets with an intuitive Digital Asset Management software

In an order to grow, manage and adapt a brand in multiple markets, businesses can take advantage of an easy to use, on-brand Digital Asset Management platform. This will allow businesses to create accurate brand messaging across multiple marketing touch points. Utilising Digital Asset Management software as a single point of reference for all brand materials ensures employees are working from one central platform. This will avoid duplication, increase brand consistency and as a result severely reduce costs.

Implementing a brand across different silos such as finance, procurement and external agency partners requires an intuitive process that enables the brand to represent and introduce their guidelines in a clear and concise manner.

Failing to adapt to local markets can have a hampering effect on the growth and value of the brand. Businesses want to provide sufficient resources for local teams to modify brand assets accurately and ensure that the tone of voice and values are represented correctly across all territories.

Inspire your team by providing them with a user-friendly, on-brand Digital Asset Management software that is a natural extension of your brand. Teams can gain inspiration from other markets as well as collectively share ideas, works-flows, collateral and creatives.

Digital Asset Management software adds value to your marketing and brand activities as content, guidelines and artwork can be locally adapted yet kept within the correct framework. For example in certain markets it is procedure to not display social media icons on business cards, therefore certain business card templates need to be adapted in a simple workflow which takes into account language and cultural factors.

A Digital Asset Management software should be designed with the aim of a simple, easy to navigate and pleasant experience with the outcome being a carefully control environment for brand management.