The RICS Brand Centre reduces costs by enabling easy access to guidelines, templates and images, avoiding duplication of work

RICS are an international professional body with over 118,000 members who represent the highest standard in development of land, real estate, construction and infrastructure. With offices spanning all the major financial and political centres of the world, they required a single point of reference for all colleagues to maintain brand consistency. Aligned with a brand refresh, the RICS Brand Centre® is a key force in driving the consistency of the brand globally. The brand asset management system facilitates all of RICS brand materials so that employees and third parties alike can easily access guidelines, templates and images, avoiding duplication of work and reducing marketing costs.

As a part of the Brand Centre an intuitive artwork automation module was implemented which acts as an auditable project management journey. Templates can be adjusted based on the necessary communication and market in a couple of minutes which avoids mistakes and miscommunications. As seen in the RICS case study the Brand Centre has helped with the following elements:

    • Brand materials are easily located and accessible
    • Brand assets are protected in a secure central system
    • Ensuring all colleagues are consistent in the way they communicate
    • Artwork is automated for ease of use while still ensuring key brand competencies are upheld.

The RICS Brand Centre has permitted a full transparency on the thousands of brand materials, while creating a user-friendly and immersive experience for users on the system. The brand asset management system is based around RICS’ brand identity and is a consistent portrayal of their brand. Read the case study to read more.