5 ways to enhance brand culture through Brand Centre tools

A companies' internal culture and environment plays an important part in the success of a business. If employees are happy they are more likely to produce better quality work and promote the company in a positive light. This relationship also applies to brand culture, where by brand values will be communicated externally if they are unified and promoted internally. Through various Brand Centre® tools, organisations can enhance culture to build a consistent brand and create messages with clarity.

1. Guidelines

Brand guidelines are essential for creating and defining a strong, recognisable brand which everyone from designers to a marketing team can consistently communicate about. With a digital asset management solution, guidelines can be securely stored and distributed ensuring that all stakeholders have instant access to them. While users have the option of downloading guidelines, A Brand Centre allows for pages to be populated with the guidelines meaning changes can be made faster. Visual identity can be presented through an interactive page, keeping users engaged and giving them inspiration.

2. Marketing Awards

Marketing awards are a great way of rewarding employees as well as highlighting best practice. With  MAM software, awards can be facilitated from start to finish using existing assets. A collection of assets can be created along with the nomination form filled out and submitted. Judges can then provide their scores and the awards can be presented in a showcase and used as part of a ceremony. The awards process can be centralised with Brand Centre tools, and recognises the effort and quality of work produced.

3. Career skills

By providing users with the tools to develop their career, it will positively affect a business and the happiness of staff. With a Brand Centre, users can learn about new job roles and the skills needed for each career. Employee spotlights also help with giving others insight into current roles and inspiration to achieve more.

4. Showcase

A showcase player gives teams the opportunity to present campaigns, assets, or even report materials in an intelligent, appealing interface. The brand identity is communicated intelligently while branded assets can be downloaded and presented in an engaging way.

5. DAM champion

By appointing a DAM champion, the system can be managed to ensure all assets and features are being utilised as they should. New initiatives, campaigns or work can be promoted through the Brand Centre by them, with brand values more likely to be communicated with newly updated branded content.