4 cornerstones for a dynamic and scalable Digital Asset Management solution

Involving key stakeholders early in the planning process is crucial. The involvement will enable them to understand, visualise and influence the work process around the Digital Asset Management solution. With the rise of brand assets being ingested and shared across a global organisation for multilingual campaigns, brands tend to be more inclined to pursue a Digital Asset Management solution that is scalable and will therefore fit plans for further brand growth and development.

Below we present 4 cornerstones that brands should take advantage of when planning and developing a Digital Asset Management solution:

Super simple to organise brand assets

When ingesting thousands of brand assets gets underway, ensure it is organised and collated into the right workflow processes and alongside precise keyword structures. Complement it further with a clear and transparent upload function.

Easy to use, straight off the bat

However, your users have migrated to the new DAM solution, whether it’s a completely new solution within the company or if users need to re-register, if SSO (Single-Sign-On) is used or if user details/permissions have been mapped across systems; make sure that data rich brand assets are easily accessible.

Ensure all team members that need to use the DAM solution can within a couple of minutes, whether it is their first or 100th time using the system.

Global brands benefit from a multilingual interface in order to accommodate to as many users as possible. If the system is simple and in several languages it will be more scalable and accommodating, ensuring that the team will be more prone to utilising the system in their daily routines.

Simple and powerful search

Once your brand assets are enforcing brand consistency and adding brand intelligence to your DAM solution, the library will grow to tens of thousands of assets and locating that latest version may not be so simple.

Sieving and finding an image used in three different campaigns can be a tricky task. Ensure your Digital Asset Management solution has an accurate and dynamic search function with the ability to add searchable tags and offer visual previews that outline other brand assets that are related to the original search query.

Highly visual file preview

This leads us onto the final cornerstone to build a dynamic and scalable Digital Asset Management solution…using file previews for your branded materials and brand assets.

Recognising and finding a brand asset is much simpler through visual recognition than trying to narrow the search results based on file names. Our Brand Centre® solution can render previews of several files types such as .JPGs, .PDFs, .EPS, .DOC, .PPT and .TIFFs.