Track marketing activities and budget with our Smarthub

In any marketing department, having the ability to track and monitor output in such a dynamic and shifting environment is crucial to ensure efficiency and focus on key projects. Our Smarthub, the Brand Centre, gives teams and departments companywide centralised activity management software that provides an easy, secure and auditable solution.

Activity Task Management helps to achieve maximum ROI on your brand assets. It enables effective planning of time and resource, ensuring projects meet deadlines and remain compliant with guidelines and governance. Scheduling, executing, and monitoring tasks become a straightforward, single dashboard experience for brand managers and marketing professionals, ensuring consistency, transparency and control.

Key features of the Smarthub’s Activity Task Management include:

  • Plan projects/tasks and assign them to specific staff members and/or agency partners
  • Schedule and initiate project tasks
  • Simple day, week and month view of an online calendar to show a broad view of marketing activities
  • Workflow templates that can be edited for individual projects allowing greater control
  • Filterable status screens by timeline, publication dates, budget or content type
  • Real-time status notifications per campaign and schedule tasks to individual members

Some of the biggest global brands utilise the Brand Centre, and Activity Task Management is one of the most popular and used tools within our software. Activity Task Management provides brands with the power to streamline their projects whilst enabling them to track budgets and increase ROI.