How our MAM software encourages user uptake to provide maximum ROI

Integrating a major new piece of software is never easy, simple, or quick. To successfully embed MAM software, takes time, patience, planning and where possible experience.

One of the worst situation for a brand to end up in is after integrating a new MAM software system for their users to not utilise that system and turn it into an expensive mistake. However, when there is consistent user uptake MAM software provides impressive ROI as well as improving the brand ethos and brand DNA as well as the work cycle of users. Developing and cultivating a strong user base is a challenge, however, we’ve through our experience found ways and forums to help supportmaximise user uptake for each brand.

3 ways for ensuring uptake of MAM software

Fully Bespoke MAM Software
We aren’t the only game in town when it comes to MAM software, with hundreds of solutions available to brands. However, the benefit of our solution is that the software is built around the needs and demands of the brand and it isn’t a one size fits all programme. By building our Brand Centre around the brand, we ensure that we complement and enhance the brand’s DNA, fully support the brand strategy and encourage collaboration . When the team finds the system is designed to their requirements user uptake is much easier to encourage and grow.

An MAM Software Account Manager
Whilst the Brand Centre is designed to be fully managed by the brand, we provide dedicated account managers to each of our clients that are there to ensure integration goes smoothly using their considerable experience and extensive knowledge of the Brand Centre. The Account Manager will help facilitate the integration of the MAM software with the brand, whilst working with the project leaders from each brand to ensure that the transition is smooth and successful. As a trained business analyst, your Account Manager will be there every step of the way and beyond to ensure that users are engaged and trained on the Brand Centre in order to provide instant uptake.

Our MAM Software Brand Engagement Programme
Whilst we’ve designed our MAM software to be easily integrated into a brand’s marketing setup, it still takes time to do. When a brand has hundreds of thousands of assets to migrate and multiple teams around the globe looking to use the new software, having a specific plan in place ensures the integration goes smoothly and that the staff using it know how to from day 1. By having a well mapped Brand Engagement Programme we ensure that all pieces and possible loose ends are accounted for. Ensuring the right people are trained and the right processes are ticking along is crucial as we utilise brand advocates to further support user uptake giving it a more natural spread from within.

The 3 ways listed above are what we consider crucial to ensure and support maximum user uptake when MAM software is introduced into a brand. Adgistic’s provides a finely tuned and bespoke road map for integrating the Brand Centre that not only stimulates user uptake but ensure maximum ROI. Adgistics also provides additional support post launch through both the dedicated Account Manager and our Professional Services team to ensure that uptake and usage is never just a flash in the pan for your brand.

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