How does a Brand Management Hub stimulate collaboration and creativity across the brand?

The brand and the brand teams are no longer shackled by physical location especially with the introduction of Brand Management Hubs. With the advent of the internet, the world got a little bit smaller and a whole lot more connected.

Fostering effective collaboration in flexible working environments can be challenging, therefore, collaboration is one of the core functionalities of our brand management hub, the Brand Centre. A key part of the creative process is collaboration and thanks to these technological advancements, teams can be comprised of staff and agency partners alike working from around the world in different time zones and have only ever met virtually.

A Brand Management Hub that stimulates collaboration and creativity 

Aligned with our vision for the Brand Centre and client feedback, we developed, the Annotator to be a a feature rich solution that provides fertile ground for creation and collaboration to grow.

The purpose of the Annotator is to provide a forum for teams to collaborate digitally through the Brand Centre, to reduce confusion, improve communication, support creativity, efficiency and effectiveness. 

The Brand Centre Annotator feature offers;

  • The ability to share, comment and mark-up videos, text, photos, and finished artwork
  • To assign tasks
  • Provides full version control and notifications
  • A complete audit trail

The Annotator has been a very popular addition to a significant portion of our client Brand Centres with teams finding that the Annotator streamlines processes and stimulates collaboration. It was also allowing team members working on more flexible hours to contribute more effectively and regularly.

New ways to utilise the Brand Management Hub

One relatively unanticipated benefit of introducing the Annotator into our Brand Management hub is that the uptake in use wasn’t limited to just the marketing teams. A few ready examples of teams implementing the Annotator outside of the marketing departments include introducing it to legal and HR teams for use in creating HR documents, contracts and other detailed legal documents. With a few tweaks to the functionality, we were able to accommodate these departments requirements. The Annotator has become a feature that spans teams, divisions and departments and provides a perfect environment for bringing them all together.

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