How to mitigate human error when managing brand assets

Each brand asset generated and distributed is placed under a microscope thanks to social media, both by consumers and competition, making sure that everyone is singing from the same song sheet is imperative for the brand. However, with the need for brand assets to be created quickly, be legally compliant and versatile for multiple audiences and locations, human error can lead to mistakes which can be potentially embarrassing, costly and easily avoided.

We must accept human error as inevitable - and design around that fact.
— Donald Berwick

By utilising a Brand Management platform, brands can make their processes and brand assets more resilient to human errors and safeguard their brand’s reputation. Implementing a Brand Management platform allows assets to be rigorously controlled and quality checked to ensure that all brand assets comply with the required standard.

How a Brand Management hub protects your brand assets

Our Brand Management hub - the Brand Centre offers a suite of features that help negate the potential of human error by adding automation to your brand management strategies. By utilising a Brand Centre, a brand introduces a strict but flexible set of parameters that all brand assets abide by, from who has access to the brand asset, where and how long the brand asset can be used, to tracking usage and adaptations of that brand asset. The Brand Centre offers a fully customisable set of rules and checks that ensure that a brand asset can only ever be used for its intended purpose.

Additional features to further protect your brand assets

Whilst the Brand Centre by default will reduce the chance and impact of human error, it also offers features that provide additional safeguarding for your brand and brand assets.

Designated admins provide not only a second layer of security related to brand asset usage but also allow for oversight when a unique demand for usage comes in or if rules require updating to meet the needs of the brand, departments and/or teams.


Our Brand Workflow provides a comprehensive platform for teams to run campaigns and projects from conception to completion whilst providing full overview, a rigid structure and detailed analysis throughout the process.

Artwork Automation also offers the tools to combat human error whilst enabling marketing teams the ability to create new assets quickly and effectively. By providing teams with predefined and fully customisable templates, Artwork Automation enables creativity within a brand consistent framework.

The Brand Centre provides piece of mind

Human error can be costly, time-consuming and potentially have significant and long-lasting effects on a brand. Integrating the Brand Centre enables brands to have more confidence in providing marketing teams with the freedom they require to create and use brand assets. The Brand Centre provides piece of mind that effective security measures are in place without the need for micromanagement.

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