Ensure brand compliance and protect your brand's intellectual properties with a DAM platform

As brands continue to embrace both, being globally connected, and social media platforms, creating regular content that is not only engaging, versatile, on-brand and most importantly complies with all legal regulations is a challenge. Ensuring every piece of content is brand compliant can be a logistical nightmare, especially if most activities and actions are reactive. Utilising DAM platform and brand management technologies such as our Brand Centre is an ideal way to tick all the boxes and to streamline the entire process so that all compliance matters are covered automatically, correctly and swiftly, avoiding human error and wasteful delays.

Total brand compliance with our Artwork Automation feature

Our Artwork Automation feature was designed from the ground up to not only enable instant adaptations and versatility when it comes to creating brand assets but with brand compliance firmly at the heart of it.

A fully functional templating system, the Artwork Automation feature enables brands to have full overview and control over campaigns executed and ads created on a global scale whilst ensuring that all brand compliance regulations are followed down to the T. With the fine print automatically adjusted depending on which market/region is executing the ad/ campaign.


The Artwork Automation feature provides marketing teams flexibility and creativity without the need for long creation processes. The templates enable modification of a specific asset along predetermined layouts and designs that are always brand compliant and ensure that staff can easily adapt and edit to fit their needs whilst not worrying about if a poster if going to land them and their brand in hot water.

Brand Compliance is a part of the Brand Centres DNA


The Brand Centre ensures brand compliance across all its features. A few examples of other features that ensure full brand compliance include the Annotator feature which provides oversight of new creations and is utilised not just in marketing departments but HR & legal teams to ensure the right level of scrutiny and provides the able to document all changes. Orderable assets come with inbuilt qualifications for use as well as limiting access to those teams who have the rights to use them. Also, the feature to hide assets that can not be used in certain regions/markets, no need to have them appearing if they can not be utilised due to brand compliance matters. 

Utilising a Brand Centre to ensure that your brand is fully compliant means worrying about compliance is a thing of the past. Our Brand Centre offers a comprehensive suite of features that takes brand compliance from a massive challenge, to an easy applied, tracked and adaptable afterthought.


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