How does a Brand Management platform increase your ROI?

The implementation of a Brand Management platform can be time-consuming, intensive and requires a significant amount of planning and strategising to integrate effectively. If your chosen solution isn’t introducing ROI quickly, efficiently, and is fully documented, then the reason for introducing it in the first place can be lost. There is a tight and intangible relationship between a brand’s promise, its delivery, and the value it generates.

How does a Brand Management platform increase ROI?

It can be quite difficult to measure some of the points outlined below solely to the use of a brand management platform, however, a positive impact is undoubtedly achieved with its implementation. 

Intangible ROI

  • Improved brand knowledge and brand engagement
  • Increased quality and consistency
  • Increased brand awareness / recognition
  • Better alignment to process, vendors, etc.
  • Enabling centralised control and decentralised execution
  • Better overall brand governance

Tangible ROI

  • Time savings: finding, retrieving, and using assets
  • Artwork Automation - hard cost savings, reduce reworks, lower agency fees and localisation variations 
  • Workflow automation: time savings, reduction in communications and number of reworks
  • Reduce time to market
  • Increased executions due to efficiencies
  • Potential to reduce headcount

Whether a part of a national or a global brand environment, having clear visibility of the marketing spend and controlling dissemination of communications is vital.

Our Brand Management platform, the Brand Centre, is a highly secure solution which provides in-house teams, agencies and other brand partners with controlled access to the brand. Through its simple and visual user interface, it's ensures that brand assets are aligned with all compliance necessary, protecting your brand and enhancing your brand culture. 

Examples of successfully implemented Brand Management platforms

The following client examples demonstrate the potential types and quantities of savings that can be expected following the implementation of our Brand Centre platform. 

Adidas Brand Management Platform - ROI Demonstrated

With the introduction of our Brand Management platform, Adidas saw total annual cost savings in excess of €2 million as well as inefficiencies caused by incorrect advertisements and duplications across markets removed completely.

“The Adgistics Brand Centre revolutionised how we control our advertising globally, creating huge efficiencies in the process and costs.” — John van Tuyll, adidas Global Advertising

Ford UK - Efficiency Demonstrated

We worked with our client Ford UK and the agency Ogilvy to integrate our Artwork Automation feature. This enabled 700+ dealerships to create online adaptations of centrally approved marketing /advertising. This improved time to placement by 75% for the dealers and removed the associated adaptation costs from the agency.

"Adgistics Brand Centre system has generated significant cost savings for Ford (UK) and been extremely well received by the dealer community; we believe it to be the best system of its kind."  — Helen Smith, Advertising and Sponsorship Specialist

General Benefits of implementing a brand management platform

  • Resource efficiency (e.g. 40% of designers’ time is spent finding assets)
  • Production efficiency (reduced emails, delays, follow-ups, finalisation)
  • Reduced hard costs (servers, storage media, mailing, etc.)
  • Reduced agency fees (ownership of asset library, collateral customisation)
  • Improved brand compliance and accuracy
  • Improved time to market
  • Reduction in redos of existing materials
  • Improved production capacity to do more with the same resources

To discover how our Brand Management platform - the Brand Centre - can benefit your brand and provide real ROI, book a bespoke tour today!