Can a brand management platform support brand culture?

In a world where everyone is ever more connected and suppler terms such as flexible working, flexible hours and flexible workspaces are the norms for most teams. With several team members only coming together virtually, brand experience and culture can become an afterthought. Where does the team experience the brand and how well is your brand culture represented in your teams inner working 'virtual world'? 

It is vital that the teams spread across departments, regions, countries and time zones within a business, all feel connected and are able to experience the brand and the brand culture in the same consistent manner.

A brand management platform that supports and encourages brand culture can be key to enhancing and ensuring that the brand message is correctly delivered internally as well as externally. 

Our Brand Management platform supports brand culture

Showcase can be integrated with our Brand Management platform to not only compliment the brand culture, but also provides a focal point for examples of the best representations of it. Showcase enables brands to shine a spotlight on the best in show across their teams in one place for everyone to see. Not only does this provide positive reinforcement but also a place for teams to gain ideas and inspiration to replicate success whilst eliminating duplication of effort.

Showcase is extremely effective at creating and displaying collections as the process in building and updating them is streamlined and simple, allowing new and existing collections to be updated and added to the Showcase regularly. This enables brands to continually be on-message whilst ensuring that the promoted collections never get outdated.

Showcase also provides brands with the ideal way to offer insight into the successful execution of campaigns and their themes with commentary built into the collection, allowing teams to explain exactly what went into creating campaign themes that have personified a brand’s culture and message.

A Brand Management platform supports brand culture by reinforcing it 

To ensure that a brand’s message and culture is at the heart of all marketing campaigns, Showcase is a powerful tool for reinforcing that message and brand culture company wide. Providing a dedicated home for the best in show ensures that staff have an easy reference point when it comes to what the brand stands for.

Want to experience Showcase and the other features of the Brand Centre first hand? Book a guided tour and find out how our brand management platform supports your brand culture.