Commitment to innovation and expansion results in a powerful Brand Management platform

In today's marketplace, Brand Management platforms are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. Adgistics embraces this development by further strengthening our development team and our commitment to innovation

During the course of 2013 Adgistics commitment to product development resulted in strong company growth - Our sales increase from 2012 to 2013 is over 50%, an increase in our client portfolio by nearly 30% and a growing presence in new territories - with clients from a wide spectrum of industries utilising and integrating our Brand Management platforms to enhance their brand's reach and potential.

2013 Verticals

2014 Verticals

Since then, we have continued to expand our client base, with several of our clients featured on the Nasdaq-100 and Fortune 500 indices, as well as branching out into new verticals and industries where the demand for powerful Brand Centres that are much more than just a digital library is rising.

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Adgistics ascribes our growth to our commitment to research and product development. We aim to never stop innovating and never stop refining our solutions and service offerings. 

Using a solution-driven but consultative approach, which involves listening very carefully to clients and delivering solution that meet their specific needs, Adgistics has built on its reputation as an innovative and collaborative technology partner. 

Today, Adgistics has a strong market position and a healthy operation that will continue to generate value for our customers, our partners and ourselves.

Innovation in Brand Management platforms

With the rapid advancement in both technology and forms of communications, brands are more now than ever embracing Brand Management platforms which enable them to enhance and safeguard their brand to ensure maximum impact, exposure, and ROI.

The demand to produce material that is viable globally and the time between requirement, production and delivery is shrinking with the advent of social media and higher consumer expectancy. A key part of how Adgistics works in tandem with its clients is by constantly evolving the Brand Management platform to cater to the unique requirements of each brand. 

An example of one of our latest innovations would be our Annotator. The Annotator gives marketing teams the ability to;

  • Share videos, text, photos, and finished artwork
  • Mark-up, comment and assign tasks
  • Full version control and notifications
  • Complete audit trail

Annotator was conceptualised, road mapped, and created after we identified a need for a solution providing a marked increase in asset production and ease of life to users. At every step in the creation and implementation process, we worked closely with our clients to ensure that the feature wasn't just what we thought brands would want but the perfect solution to their problems. 

Refining pre-existing Brand Management platforms

Alongside the innovation that goes into our Brand Management platform, is the constant drive to refine the products and software already live and in use every day. By being in constant communication with our clients ensures that they are always supported in their use of our Brand Management platform. We are able to monitor the platform's performance, allowing us to continually adapt and evolve the software. With a fully integrated Brand Management platform, users are continually kept up to date on their current tasks and assignments through traditional email notifications. However, with in-client notifications becoming part of everyday life on social media platforms etc, we created a fully integrated notification system within our Brand Management platforms enabling users to keep up to speed with their responsibilities in a much more dynamic and responsive medium.

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